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Users' Reviews

"Thanks for yout great, helpfull tool Co-Citer. I use it really every day, and it is one of the best structurated programm I use!"

Uwe Jelinek

"Cogitum Co-Citer is a really pretty nice software, I like it very much."

Hueru Hsieh

"Both programs are excellent ...perform well...are stable ... and I love them."

Donald Leinbach

"Works great! Thanks a lot. These are great products - thanks for developing them and providing them, especially free. I use them everyday."

R.Hoskins, WA State Dept of Health

"Been using Co-Citer. Works great!!!!! Thanks for sharing this program with the public. I hope ya'll receive plenty of good "karma" for your generosity!!!! Your generosity is appreciated... I'm preparing to return to college to get a teacher's certificate. I know that Co-Citer will come in very handy when doing Web research to prepare reports, etc."

Scott Kelley

"My brother sent me the Co-Citer and just said: 'Install it, you'll love it.' And boy, do I ever! I am a professional writer here in Germany, and I do tons of research on the net. I have NEVER found a tool that is as easy to use, and yet as powerful as the Co-Citer. I have recommended it to several writer friends, who can't stop praising it (and damning themselves for not discovering it earlier). Co-Tracker is almost as good (even though I need more written info than pics stored, so I use the Co-Tracker mostly for cartoons ;-))."

Torsten Dewi

"If you people EVER decide to go commercial with these products, I will pay for them!... Sounds crazy!? NOT! I have used several clipboard enancers and nothing, just NOTHING can cut the bill... Your software DOES IT ALL! I have wasted hours, days, months organizing resources, building up databases... Wish I had found Cogitum before!!! THANK YOU and allow me to shout it out!..."


"As a Human Services major, I found Cogitum Co-Citer so indispensable when writing my researcher paper, that when I told my professor about the program I was using, he insisted upon my giving a demonstration to the class at CCRI. I also found Cogitum Co-Citer invaluable for referring to the NASW Code of Ethics on another project: it saved me many steps from the way I used to cut and paste text into quotations and references... The ease of use is also a prime reason that I consider Cogitum Co-Citer such an asset for my studies..."


"I would like to sing the praises of Cogitum Co-Citer. To use it all you need do is highlight the text you want to capture, right click, and on the pop-up at the bottom will be Grab Text. It stores what you have highlighted, the URL, and offers you a chance to make new folders, choose a different folder; but most of all, a place for you to make notes! That is very useful to me because the moment I read something is the moment I get the idea of how to use it. If I don't make notes about it, then when I open the program later to retrieve the information, I have no idea why it was saved! Co-Citer is a thought organizer for anyone that uses the internet for information/research. "


"We're having some trouble making this sound as good as it is because the program is so focused, neat, and clean. In a time of bloated programming, this is a tidy little package that packs a surprisingly valuable punch. The program is Co-Citer; it saves any text that you select from Web pages plus the bibliographic data that you need to cite the source plus any comments that you want to make in relation to the saved text. Then, Co-Citer wraps it all up in a set of records that you can organize as you please and recall at will. And, it all takes only a mouse-click or three. The Co-Citer screen is uncluttered; the process is clean. The results are every researcher's dream come true, an automated way to organize your Web sources - and you barely had to do a thing. "

Shirl Kennedy,

"As I found your products Co-Citer and Co-Tracker just by chance I wonder why they are not the number one offers on all free- and shareware sites. There are thousands of add-ons, little helpers and so on of which I have tried a hundred or so. There is no other product so useful, intelligent and properly designed as cogitum's! Congratulations!"

Hans Wrobel

"First and foremost, thank you for your two wonderful projects. I'm a freelance writer and editor, and I'm online frequently doing research. Both Co-Tracker and Co-Citer are two of the tools I am learning to call upon more often. Which brings me to my wondering... Co-T and Co-C have earned a place on my computer system, and I'm grateful that you've made them available to web-users everywhere."

Jonathan Bocknek

"I have to tell you how delighted I am with Cogitum Co-Citer. I very much appreciate how efficient Co-Citer is. You've resisted the temptation to turn it into one of those bloated, unnecessarily complex and awkward programs. The operation and interface couldn't be cleaner or simpler. I work a lot from a laptop, so I really appreciate that Co-Citer doesn't clutter up the screen. It's invisible until the instant that I want it, and gone again the instant I'm done. And, even though it's clean and invisible, you've given me a complete record with text, URL, page title, a file structure and annotation - and I barely had to lift a finger. I'm especially happy to have finally found a valuable add-on that works so well with the NetCaptor browser shell for IE, because so few add-ons work with anything other than the major browsers. I wish every program could be so clearly focused on its purpose. Thank you."

Judith David

"I am always looking for ways to bring together bits of information into one place so I can refer to them at a later time, and Cogitum Co-Citer is a step in the right direction."

Gary A. Lucero

"I really like your program and have used it for a couple of months now. I like the organized way it catalogs graphics, and the feature that enables you to attach comments to them. I would like to use it for all the graphics I have, not just those obtained from the web. It's a really good program, though. Thanks."


"...Image Co-Tracker is great value and is well worth grabbing. You will wonder how you ever did without it!..."

"I have been complaining (to myself) of the length process required to maintain organised records of what you find and where you go on the web. I will complain no more. Personal and business research has just become sooooo easy with Cogitum Co-Citer. Exactly what I have been looking for. Most importantly it is not bloated commercialware. Spot-on guys. And thanks."

David Richardson

I have been searching over a year for a program like Cogitum Co-Citer. The greatest thing about it to me is that it allows the use of MS's Global IME (Japanese, Chinese, etc input) - there are only a handful of apps which have supported it thus far. It is truly a God-send!!

Miles Wolbe

"This is a MUST for anyone in downloading images!"

Ernest True

"...For ease of use (a right click), speed (quick), database customisation and flexibility (URL, image name, size, format, folder to download to etc), and overall integration with your system, Image Co-Tracker is tops!..."

Steve Blackey

"Looks like a really neat program! I can't wait to use it for my Christmas shopping this year!"

Joanne H.

"...With Co-Tracker, you can window shop online and save any item's "vital stats" -- in case you don't feel like whipping out the ol' plastic at that moment..."

"A great idea, well executed. I hope Cogitum will complement this with other software modules, which will allow me to use the web for the first time for true knowledge management".

William McHenry