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What is Image Co-Tracker 2.0 ?

Image Co-Tracker is a tool for creating the database of images from the Internet. It automatically captures the image itself, its Internet address, the Internet address where it refers to, its name and date of adding to the database.

Image Co-Tracker 2.0 Screenshot

The Image Co-Tracker 2.0 screenshot

The program even allows you to assign your own comments and a category to the grabbed image. Once an image has been grabbed, you can:

  • Add textual information about the image
  • Create catalogs for images and manage them
  • Organize images into categories
  • Sort images and image information
  • Follow the link associated with the image just clicking on it
  • Import/export a particular categories or the whole image databases to work with them at other computers
  • Export a particular categories or the whole image databases to HTML
  • Send a particular categories or the whole image databases by e-mail
  • Control how the images and information are displayed
  • Search the database
  • Print the database
  • Delete images from the database

Use it to make the best choice while shopping, managing image galleries, storing banner ads, pictures, photos, charts, or favorite comics.

Image Co-Tracker is very ease in use. At the ZDNet Web site users awarded the program 5 out of 5 for the ease of use.

Image Co-Tracker runs under Windows 95/98/2000/NT and requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. If you are not sure what browser do you have you can click here to get your browser name and version.