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Ad Placement Companies

Advantages for advertisers:

  • Banners supporting BannerML are much more useful for advertising companies, including information about additional proposals, so rates for banners that support BannerML could be higher than rates for standard banners.
  • Because of the advantages to the user, it is reasonable to assume that users would prefer banners with BannerML support over similar banners without such support. That means that BannerML support could increase click-through rate.
  • Additional advantages will help finance the dissemination of ad supporting tools, indirectly increasing advantages for banner ads in general.
What should be done:
  • Scripts for banner placement should be adjusted. However, such adjustment would not require any serious programming efforts. All work could be done quite easily using the features of the software platforms already used by ad placing companies.
  • Development of a special database of banners with associated information described by BannerML. This database should work with adjusted scripts for banner placements.