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Press Room

Cogitum launches free Co-Citer content organizer software
December 7, 2000

Cogitum launches free Co-Citer content organizer software

Press Release

Reston, VA, December 7, 2000

Cogitum LC, headquartered in Reston, VA, today launches Co-Citer, the first product in the new niche of Internet content organizers.

Co-Citer is a software tool for creating and managing personal databases of text fragments (citations), taken from Internet pages, and for effective clipping of such fragments. With Co-Citer user can create databases of any size text fragments with thousands of entries and manage all this information in an effective and easy way. An important advantage of Co-Citer is one-click access to the original document from which the text fragment was taken.

This product provides so many new features that Cogitum has coined a new term for this type of tool—content organizer. A content organizer, like all organizers, is an easy-to-use personal tool for implementing functions that previously needed more sophisticated and expensive tools.

Co-Citer operates with the content of Internet pages, because it works with separate pieces of documents, chosen by the user, rather then the whole page or document. Co-Citer manages such content by supporting effective searching, sorting, and moving, as well as sending and posting content fragments, saving and keeping all Internet links to the original document.

Alla Polegenkaya, CEO of Cogitum, said, “Co-Citer will definitely become widely used by all professional groups that work regularly with Internet-based information, including students, analysts, scientists, attorneys, and reporters. At the same time, Co-Citer is very useful for non-professional users. Co-Citer makes it easy to store interesting information in an effective way: users keep only the desired text fragments and associated information, including links and personal comments. These features are what makes Co-Citer live up to the Cogitum slogan: ‘Making the Internet your personal database.’"

Leonid Malkov, Cogitum LC President, said, “Co-Citer is a terrific tool for all Internet surfers, who now won't have to rely only on their memory, or copy thousands of documents with little chance of finding interesting fragments. At the same time, this product is very important for many businesses. It provides new marketing opportunities for companies selling text information, like articles, news, research reports, quotes, and other documents. Companies can ‘broadcast’ samples of their text products to the content organizer, where users can purchase the product with just one click of the mouse. We expect that many customers of text information would soon prefer to obtain information in the Co-Citer format, which is delivery independent and search-ready.”

Co-Citer brings knowledge management methods to the level of ordinary users, with an ability to manage thousands of arbitrary size fragments from the Internet in an effective and easy way.

Co-Citer is the second product in Cogitum’s line. The first product, Image Co-Tracker, is a free database tool for managing Internet images, including banner ads and product images for e-shopping. Co-Tracker was an immediate success, with over 9,000 downloads in just a few months, and it received many high rating in reviews, including Ziff -Davis Net.

Co-Citer is a natural companion to Image Co-Tracker; think of it as a “content co-tracker” that provides similar clipping and managing tools for the text content of Internet pages.

The first version of Co-Citer is a free product for non-commercial and personal use. Businesses and network users must obtain licenses for using this product. Co-Citer can be downloaded from the company Web site,

Cogitum LC is a fast-growing software start-up company headquartered in Reston, VA. The company focuses on the development of software products for Internet users, utilizing a knowledge management approach.

Image Co-Tracker and Co-Citer use the SenseViewer technology under development by Cogitum.

Additional information about Co-Citer can be obtained by contacting President Leonid Malkov at 703-478-3050 (e-mail: The program can be downloaded free for non-commercial and personal use from Cogitum's Web site,

NOTE: Cogitum, SenseViewer, Co-Citer, and Co-Tracker are trademarks of Cogitum LC.